Unit Test: General Instructions, Rules & Regulations and Schedule


1. General Instructions:

a. There will be two terms in the entire year.

b.Each term shall comprise a two UT cycle and the term end examination.

c.If a student misses any UT, no retest will be conducted.

2. Instruction related to examination pattern to be followed for X1

a.There will be two terminal exams

b.There will be two round of UT, in first term and two round of UT in Second term

c.If a student misses any UT no retest will be conducted and it will be marked as zero.

d.Second Term examination will take place in the month of December and pre-boards in the month of January.

e.No retest shall be conducted for students who miss Unit Tests. However, an average of marks secured in the Unit Test of subject may be awarded in the final Term in cases that warrant consideration.

3. Rules and Regulations for Unit Tests and Examinations :

a.Students suffering from fever, cold, flu or any other kind of aliment which can be transmitted to others, should not come to school during Unit Tests/Examinations.

b.Students who miss Unit Tests due to medical reasons should submit a medical certificate for the same , to their class teachers, within 3 working days .

c.Students shall not be permitted to sit for the Unit Tests if they reach the class after 7.40 am. In Unit Test Days.

4. Consequences of using unfair means during Unit tests/ Examinations

a.The answer sheet shall be taken away immediately by the invigilator.

b.A new sheet shall be given to the student.

c.Marks shall not be awarded for the questions attempted in the first sheet.

d.Disciplinary action will be taken against the student according to school rules.