General Information


The parents are requested not to spend lavishly on food, cake , presents etc. On a child’s birthday as it disrupts the school discipline. At the most, parents are requested to send not more than toffees for the class children. Anything more than this will be sent back.


1. Any kind of leave requires prior sanctioning.

2. If your child is absent, please inform the school promptly, preferably your child’s class teacher in writing.

ID Cards

1. ID cards proforma to be submitted at the time of admission (in case of new admission).

2. In case of loss of ID Rs. 100 has to be paid.

3. Rs. 25 will be charged for the new string.

School Uniform

The school uniform is available at the school Uniform shop in the school campus Wearing the specified school uniform is compulsory. Wearing of the school uniform is not only a necessity, but also a matter of pride. It brings about oneness amongst the children and responsibility in their attitude. To maintain uniformity of shades design and material, parents are advised to buy the uniform for their ward, from the School Shop only. Parents are requested to avoid buying oversized uniforms, because it does not look smart and becomes inconvenient for the child to move about freely.

Boys must sport a neat look. Girls with short hair (above the collar) should wear hair band. Hair longer than should be tied back from the face. No jewellery, except for a wrist watch and a simple pair of earrings may be worn. Every child must carry a handkerchief. The onus of sending the child to school in neat, well fitting and decent uniform lies on the parents.

School Transport System

The school has its own fleet of buses. Students can avail the school transport subject to availability of seats. The routes of the school buses are planned by the school. Parents should consult the Transport In charge for necessary details.

For safety of the students, the following rules are to be followed by every student traveling by the school bus.

1. All the students using the school bus are expected to be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the arrival of the bus. Buses will not wait for late comers.

2. Students should board and get off only at the respective stops assigned to them.

3. Children should stay away from main road until the bus arrives.

4. The drivers are authorized to stop buses only at the designated stops.

5. The bus incharges and student bus monitors are responsible for maintaining discipline in the bus en route.

6. Under no circumstances children will be allowed to board another bus without prior permission from the principal.

7. No student will enter the driver’s cabin.

8. Parents are to make sure that they pick their children at the notified time from the specified bus stop Failing which the child will be brought back to the school from where the parent is to collect the child.

9. In case due to any reason, student using the school transport has to be picked up by parent/ guardian, the following rules will be observed.

9.1) : A written request to be sent in the morning for issuing of gate pass.

9.2) : Gate pass will be issued on producing parent identity card at the reception. The gate pass is to be shown at the gate at the time of departure.