Message From Principal

“The Lord has given you a vineyard:you will be fortunate if you make it fruitful. Rear those little plants for heaven”


“ Think positive, Act positive and the result will be positive.”


Here, at IPModernSchool, we take the best educational practices and learning systems across the world and adopt them to suit your children and equip them for their future. We ensure that your child is equipped with to deal with new challenges of this boundless world. We believe in a ‘CAN DO’ philosophy which is transmitted from the foundation of IPModernSchool. In our school, we motivate our students to dream beyond the thinking of common students. Someone has rightly said, ” Life comes from the physical survival but good life comes from what we care about “. Following the footpath of above written saying, we strive to introduce many innovative and creative educational activities to make the students clear the hidden ambiguity of the topics. Let us join to mould their mind through a way where our children can realize the responsibility of being students.



Mrs. Ritu Yadav